I have zillions of years of experience as an educator, having worked in every sector of the industry: primary educator, secondary educator, university lecturer, training provider. My love of learning took me as far as a Masters in Education Studies but the real achievement for me has been helping others reach their learning goals.

In RTO-land I have worked as a training organisation owner, as an auditor, and also as a professional consultant operating nationally. If you have been in the sector for a while, you may remember RTO Update, which was the email newsletter I wrote for many years. My philosophy is quite simple. The VET sector provides Australians with new skills, or a second chance or a sea change. It is the frontline of the education industry.

I have always had a professional interest in the way adults tackle new knowledge and skills, which is something of a Cinderella topic in the education space. An adult is either the best or the worst learner depending on where their head is at that moment, so it takes skill to work with them. In recent years I’ve also focused on designing and developing both online and offline learning material that suits the adult learner perspective.

This is me caught with my hand in the lolly jar!