Australia’s Vocational Education and Training System

Assessment Task – Validation Check

A self-assurance measure

An assessment task must cover all requirements in the unit of competency so that a candidate can demonstrate that they meet all criteria. This is the heart of the Australian VET system and is always checked at audit time.

Recently updated units in some qualifications have small but important additions. It is wise to check that current assessment tools still meet requirements. 

How it works: straightforward, fast, no drama



Step 1

RTO wants to validate assessment task against unit of competency.


Step 2

RTO pays the service fee online and emails the documents.


Step 3

Marilyn checks assessment against competency requirements.


Step 4

Marilyn emails the report to RTO in agreed timeframe.


Step 5

RTO acts on any recommendations.

What must be sent:

  1. Full assessment tool
  2. Document of task mapped to unit