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Amount of training

Standards: Clause 1.2

For the purposes of Clause 1.1, the RTO determines the amount of training they provide to each learner with regard to:

  1. a) the existing skills, knowledge and the experience of the learner
  2. b) the mode of delivery; and
  3. c) where a full qualification is not being delivered, the number of unit and/or modules being delivered as a proportion of the full qualification.

QCI considerations

Does your RTO’s TAS for a qualification, course or unit outline the amount of training, including the duration and the schedule?

Training comprises the formal learning activities the RTO provides to a learner and includes all supervised or specified activities, including:

  • classes, lectures or tutorials
  • organised workplace learning
  • organised activities
  • structured online learning
  • structured self-paced learning
  • work placement arrangements

Scenario 1

XYZ RTO delivers a qualification to existing workers. Learners must complete a booklet of structured activities in their own time as part of the training program. This booklet is given to the trainer once it is complete.

Can the estimated number of hours taken to complete these structured activities be counted towards the amount of training for the qualification?

Yes, they can be counted because the work that must be done is specified in the booklet and completion is checked by the trainer.

Scenario 2

XYZ RTO delivers a one day training workshop on Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace. There is some assessment during the day. Participants receive a statement of attainment for BSBPEF502 - Develop and use emotional intelligence. This unit has a nominal duration of 60 hours on the NCVER nationally agreed nominal hours list.

Has the RTO met the requirements for the amount of training?

No. A one day workshop cannot possibly meet the amount of training requirements for this unit.