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Annual declaration

Standards: Clause 8.4

The RTO provides an annual declaration on compliance with these Standards to the VET Regulator and in particular whether it:
a) currently meets the requirements of the Standards across all its scope of registration and has met the requirements of the Standards for all AQF certification documentation it has issued in the previous 12 months; and
b) has training and assessment strategies and practices in place that ensure that all current and prospective learners will be trained and assessed in accordance with the requirements of the Standards.

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QCI consideration

  • Does your RTO have a documented process for reporting about compliance to the CEO before they sign the annual declaration?
  • Does your RTO have a process to ensure the accurate and timely submission of the annual declaration on compliance?
  • Does your RTO keep on record all annual declarations that have been submitted to ASQA? If so, are these kept securely and confidentially?

Scenario 1

The CEO of the RTO, as listed on the National Register, was extremely busy for the month before the Annual Declaration on Compliance was due, so they forwarded the email with the link to the General Manager who completed, signed, and submitted it.

Is this acceptable?

No. The CEO must take responsibility for the RTO’s compliance with the Standards.

Scenario 2

The CEO of the RTO missed the deadline for submission of the Annual Declaration on Compliance. They asked the General Manager to ring ASQA and arrange for a late submission.

Is this acceptable?

No. Late submissions are not accepted.