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Certification – Documentation

Standards: Clause 3.2

All AQF certification documentation issued by an RTO meets the requirements of Schedule 5.

 QCI considerations

  • How does your RTO ensure that the correct information is printed on a certification?
  • How does your RTO dispose of outdated blank certification documents after the template has been updated?
  • What security processes are in place to ensure that unauthorised personnel do not access and print certificates or statements of attainment?
  • What measures are in place to reduce the possibility that someone could reproduce your RTO’s certification document using a program such as Photoshop?

    Scenario 1

    XZY RTO has a qualification on scope that has been superseded, so the manager arranges for new blank parchments to be printed with the code and title of the updated qualification, in readiness for issuance to the group of graduating learners who have just completed the updated qualification. However, the office administrator knows there are blank parchments with the superseded qualification on it still in the cupboard. They decide to use these up before switching to the new blank parchments. The manager notices the incorrect title and code when they are signing the testamurs.

    How could the manager have avoided this situation?

    Quality processes need to be revised to ensure that all out-of-date blank parchments are destroyed as soon as the RTO is ready to issue updated ones.

    Scenario 2

    An employee issues a Diploma in Project Management in their own name before they leave the employ of XYZ RTO.

    How could this situation have been avoided?

    There must be security measures in place to ensure that this opportunity is not available. This can be done with passwords and access levels.