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Compliance with Standards

Standards: Clause 2.1

2.1. The RTO ensures it complies with these Standards at all times, including where services are being delivered on its behalf. This applies to all operations of an RTO within its scope of registration.

QCI consideration

Does your RTO keep a record of documentation submitted to ASQA?

If a third-party delivers services on behalf of your RTO, does the written agreement include mention of their obligation to remain compliant with the Standards at all times?

Scenario 1

An ASQA auditor asks XYZ’s RTO manager to provide evidence of how they monitor compliance on an ongoing basis. The manager explains that issues are discussed at staff meetings and there is an open door policy so that anyone can talk to them at any time about a compliance matter.

Is this sufficient evidence?

No. There is no systematic process for monitoring compliance and no evidence that compliance is being consistently maintained.

Scenario 2

One of XYZ RTO’s qualifications is being delivered by another organisation. XYZ Management make sure that their own staff carry out a quality check of all completed assessments that are sent across from the other provider, to ensure they are meeting requirements.

Is this sufficient oversight of operations at the other organisation that relate to XYZ’s qualification?

No. XYZ RTO must also make sure that every obligation in the Standards is being met by the other organisation.