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Executive officers

Standards: Clause 7.1

The RTO ensures that its executive officers or high managerial agent:
a) are vested with sufficient authority to ensure the RTO complies with the RTO Standards at all times; and
b) meet each of the relevant criteria specified in the Fit and Proper Person Requirements in Schedule 3.

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QCI consideration

Chief Executive
The person named as Chief Executive on the National Register is responsible for:

  • oversight of compliance with all RTO Standards across all operations
  • annual declaration of compliance to ASQA
  • oversight of written agreement with any third party that is delivering services on RTO’s behalf
  • oversight of compliance with VET Quality Framework by any third party that is delivering services on RTO’s behalf.

If the Chief Executive is not actively engaged in the RTO’s compliance routines, is there a documented process that delegates the responsibility for supervision of compliance to an RTO Manager?

Does your RTO have a process in place that ensures the Chief Executive is aware of the RTO’s level of compliance with the Standards before they sign the Annual Declaration?

Fit and Proper
The declaration on the ASQA website has an introduction that clarifies who must complete the document.
Are the completed declaration forms held in a secure location so that they remain confidential?