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Standards: Clause 1.3

The RTO has, for all of its scope of registration, and consistent with its training and assessment strategies, sufficient:

d) facilities, whether physical or virtual, and equipment to accommodate and support the number of learners undertaking the training and assessment.

QCI considerations

Appropriate and sufficient facilities and equipment for every unit of competence must be available if there is to be quality training and assessment.

Facilities consist of any of the following environments and include any equipment that is a normal part of that environment:
  • Training rooms
  • Workplace environments
  • Simulation environments
  • Outdoor environments
  • Computer rooms

Delivery at external premises
Is your RTO delivering training or conducting an assessment at someone else’s premises? if so,

  • do you have a written agreement in place or is the use covered by a general agreement when you hired the space ( e.g. hotel conference room)?
  • what process do you have in place to ensure that the facilities and equipment meet WHS requirements?

Scenario 1

XYZ RTO delivers training to the employees of a company at the premises of that company, once a month. Usually, they are allocated to the boardroom, which has all the equipment needed for training. However, when the trainer arrives for the monthly training workshop, they find that the boardroom has been double booked and they have been asked to use the storeroom. There are not enough chairs for the group, no air-conditioning for the hot day and there is no way to set up the PowerPoint display that is needed for the workshop, although there are power cables running across the floor to equipment that is against the walls.

Are the facilities acceptable for the workshop, given that it is only for one day?

No. If training was conducted in this environment and someone was hurt, then there is a real possibility that the RTO would be held liable under WHS legislation.

Scenario 2

XYZ RTO delivers training at several different premises. The trainers all have a standard WHS checklist that they complete the first time that they use a room. Their procedure states that RTO management must be informed immediately if there is a major issue.

Is this an acceptable check on the WHS suitability of training room?

Yes. The written (or electronic) checklist would be kept on record.