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Industry engagement

Standards: Clause 1.6

The RTO implements a range of strategies for industry engagement and systematically uses the outcome of that industry engagement to ensure the industry relevance of:
a) its training and assessment strategies, practices and resources; and
b) the current industry skills of its trainers and assessors.

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QCI considerations

Does your RTO have formal processes for engaging with industry, such as survey completions or targeted conversations?
Does your RTO have informal processes for engaging with industry, and proof of engagement such as:

  • proof of participation in business networks
  • note from the trainer after a conversation with the employer in the workplace
  • record of attendance at an industry conference

Industry engagement may be with:

  • Business networks
  • Client employers
  • Community groups
  • Industry associations
  • Licensing bodies
  • Unions

Scenario 1

XYZ RTO trains in Business qualifications. Two members of management are members of the local Chamber of Commerce and attend most of their networking functions. They share relevant market intelligence with other RTO personnel.

Can this be regarded as engagement with industry?

Yes. It is informal engagement with industry. Evidence would be their annual membership fees receipt and any charges for network events.

Scenario 2

XYZ RTO delivers training to existing employees in their workplace. There is a scheduled meeting between the trainer and the company’s management. The trainer makes a note of topics discussed and these notes are kept on record.

Can this be regarded as engagement with industry?


Yes. It is formal engagement with industry.