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Standards: Clause 1.3

The RTO has, for all of its scope of registration, and consistent with its training and assessment strategies, sufficient:
a) trainers and assessors to deliver the training and assessment;
b) educational and support services to meet the needs of the learner cohort/s undertaking the training and assessment;
c) learning resources to enable learners to meet the requirements for each unit of competency, and which are accessible to the learner regardless of location or mode of delivery; and
d) facilities, whether physical or virtual, and equipment to accommodate and support the number of learners undertaking the training and assessment.

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QCI considerations

This clause is about sufficiency. Does your RTO have enough resources to deliver quality training and assessment to all enrolled learners?

a) Human resources
What is your RTO’s ratio of trainer to learners?

b) Learner support services
Is there sufficient appropriate support available to cater for the number and nature of learners?

c) Learning resources
Are there sufficient copies of learning and assessment material to ensure that all learners, no matter where they live or the mode of delivery, have full access to them for the length of time they need them?

d) Facilities and equipment
Are there enough suitable training rooms? Is the right sort of equipment available and is there enough of it for each unit of competency?

Scenario 1

XYZ RTO has applied to put a Certificate lll on scope that has recently been updated, so they are unable to purchase suitable learning materials for the units. They decide to go ahead with the application and will pay someone to develop the resources once it has been approved and they have some income from that training product because the developer only must be a couple of units ahead of the candidates the first time the program is delivered.

Is this acceptable?

No. The RTO must have sufficient resources (i.e. all learning material) when making the application to extend scope.

Scenario 2

XYZ RTO works on a ratio of one trainer to 100 learners.

Is this acceptable?


No. This is not sufficient HR to allow for the delivery of quality training and assessment.