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TAS – Components

Standards: Clause 1.1, 1.4

1.1. The RTO’s training and assessment strategies and practices, including the amount of training they provide, are consistent with the requirements of training packages and VET accredited courses and enable each learner to meet the requirements for each unit of competency or module in which they are enrolled.

1.4. The RTO meets all requirements specified in the relevant training package or VET accredited course.

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QCI considerations

An RTO’s Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS) should all have the same format, in the interests of quality and consistency.

Does your RTO have a TAS template? If so, it should address, at minimum, the following areas:

  • training product
  • core and elective components
  • target group
  • mode of delivery
  • entry requirements
  • duration and scheduling
  • assessment resources, methods, and timing
  • learning resources
  • human resources
  • physical resources

Other considerations

To ensure clarity, it is useful to have a separate TAS for each context if you are delivering:

  • same qualification but different modes of delivery
  • same qualification but delivered to different types of learner groups
  • same qualification but delivered over different timeframes
  • stand-alone single units or skill sets
  • via assessment-only pathway

Scenario 1

Scenario 2