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TAS – Monitor and review

Standards: Clause 2.2

2.2. The RTO:
a) systematically monitors the RTO’s training and assessment strategies and practices to ensure ongoing compliance with Standard 1; 

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QCI consideration

This Clause requires that your RTO’s delivery and assessment practice for a training product align with what is in the training and assessment strategy for that training product AND one is updated if the other changes.

  • Does your RTO systematically monitor alignment between contents of TAS and actual practice?
  • Is there a review of the TAS for a training product when there is a significant change to delivery and assessment practices, such as change in electives being offered or deployment of an alternative mode of delivery?
  • Is a TAS versioned once it is updated and the superseded version archived in case it is required by an auditor?

Scenario 1

XYZ RTO has been delivering one qualification for six years to the same target learners with the same electives, mode of delivery and location. There is plenty of evidence of learner satisfaction, so management sees no reason to review the TAS.

Is this acceptable?

No. It is expected that the TAS would be reviewed every few years. It would be unwise to present an auditor with a six-year-old TAS.

Scenario 2

XYZ RTO has one qualification and one stand-alone unit of competency on scope. They monitor the quality of training and assessment in the qualification because that is the main income stream. However, there is only one trainer who delivers the stand-alone unit, so management is not worried about quality or consistency as this person has been delivering it for several years.

Is this an appropriate approach?

No. The RTO is expected to monitor the training and assessment strategies and practices of all operations within its scope of registration, and have evidence that it does so.