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Assessment Compliance Check


This service is quoted per unit.
(Limit of three units per order. They can be from different qualifications).

Your completed assessment tool will be checked against the current unit of competency and you will receive a written report. The information below can be downloaded as a PDF document.

After payment, ‘My account’ magically appears on the top menu. Files can be uploaded there or you can email them to me.

What I do

  • Validate your assessment tool against the requirements shown in the first tab.
  • Provide you with a straightforward report so that you can address any inadequacies.

 What I do not do

  • Map the assessment to the unit for you.
  • Edit the assessment tool to meet requirements.
  • Recheck anything if you make changes.
Assessment task
This is the document that you give the candidate that sets out what they have to do. It may be in one or more parts. For example, there may be a knowledge test and a practical task. . You must also send the Marking Guide and Record of Result template (Sometimes called Assessor Report). Consider putting them all in a zip file.

No mapping document?
If you do not have a document that shows where each part of the unit of competency is covered in your assessment task, then do this BEFORE you send me anything. Mapping documents help with transparency.


  1. You send me these documents, within three days of payment, by email or upload:
    • Full assessment tool
    • Document of task mapped to the unit (how you think task matches what is expected)
  1. I acknowledge receipt and give an estimate of when the report will be completed.
  2. I carry out the compliance check. I may contact you by email if I have a query.
  3. I send the report to you by email.
  4. You contact me by email if you have a query about what is in the report.
  5. You act on any recommendations in the report.

Refund policy
There is no refund once I begin the compliance check (step 3 above).

If the compliance check is straightforward, then I will have the report to you within six working days. The actual time will depend on my workload. I estimate about 4 hours per assessment tool check. If I do not have all the relevant documents, then I shall contact you and we can sort things out together.

The report
The report contains my professional judgment of the validity of the assessment task when measured against the requirements. Some clients find they only need to make a few adjustments. Sometimes the same issue applies to other units. In this instance, just make the change, update the versioning of the assessment and withdraw any previous versions from circulation.

If a significant adjustment is recommended, then it is best to be philosophical and update the assessment tool so that it is in better shape for presentation to an auditor.

The report is not a guarantee that the assessment tool will pass scrutiny by a regulatory auditor, even if you make any recommended changes.

Once the report is delivered, then my engagement is complete. I am happy to answer questions, of course.

If you make changes to the assessment tool that is excellent but it is not necessary to send me the updated version for re-checking.