Micro online – AI as Paintbrush: You as Artist

Art is the first human endeavour to intersect so publicly with the challenges and opportunities of generative artificial intelligence. This micro-course looks at the phenomenon of AI from the perspective of AI-generated art without all the baffling jargon.


AI driven software has surfaced in the public consciousness. Many of the opportunities and challenges of using artificial intelligence platforms generally can be more easily understood if they are considered within the context of AI generative art. Topics covered:

  • New kid on the art block
  • When is something art?
  • When is something original?
  • AI generated: explained
  • Is this a new Age?
  • Prompt your inner artist
  • Have a play: NightCafe
  • Have a play: PlaygroundAI
  • Up for debate

This PDF supports content in the microcourse. 

This micro-course consists of approximately 20-25 minutes of online learning.

Learning can be commenced at any time and access is immediate once payment is received. You have 12 weeks to complete the course and may visit it as often as you wish during that time.

This course is not eligible for a microcredential.

This micro-course is also available for purchase so that it can be installed on an intranet or into an LMS. There is no limit on the number of in-house viewers.

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