RTO Audit Preparation Materials


Two comprehensive documents that align with the workflow of an ASQA audit against the RTO Standards 2015. Tick off what you are happy with and scribble all over them.  More information is below.


The zip file that is available for download after purchase contains three documents:

  1. ASQA Audit Preparation document as PDF
  2. ASQA Audit Preparation document as Microsoft Word
  3. Audit Evidence Record as Microsoft Word

See Table of Contents
This document is structured to follow the workflow of an RTO to align with ASQA’s methodology when they audit against the 2015 RTO standards.  Preparation recommendations, QA checklists and possible audit questions match with:

  • Marketing and recruitment
  • Enrolment
  • Support and Progression
  • Training and Assessment

This is a work document meant to be used in conjunction with the ASQA Audit Preparation Booklet. Use it to record what is ready for an audit or in any other way that suits your work environment.

These are work documents intended to support an RTO’s preparation for an ASQA audit against the Standards for RTOs 2015. They may be of assistance if the audit relates to:

  • application to renew RTO registration
  • compliance performance assessment (audit)
  • application to change scope of registration


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