Zipped for download – Web3 microcourse

The microcourse can be purchased as a zip file so that a technical administrator can upload it to the file directory of an intranet or internal portal. No limit to the number of in-house viewers, but it must not be accessible to the public. A painless way to bring colleagues or students up-to-speed and spark informed discussion.


The zip file contains the microcourse in three formats.

Web ready 
The folder of files is added
to a file directory (either by upload or by FTP) usually by the website administrator. A link to the course is then added to the intranet.  The course opens when a viewer clicks on the link in the same way that the courses do on this website. The microcourse is readily accessible but viewers are not tracked.

LMS ready
A SCORM file is included that can be uploaded to a Learning Management System by an administrator so that it can be treated like any other course in that LMS. 

PDF printout
This is a printout of the content for ease of reference to assist with any preparation prior to an in-house launch. For example, an educator may wish to develop a student activity sheet. It is not formatted for general distribution.

The general Terms of Service on this website apply to the purchase of this product.

In addition

  1. A link to the zip file is emailed immediately after purchase so there is no refund after payment has been processed successfully.  The zip file is also available for download on the ‘My account’ page, which is accessible after login.
  2. The product may be uploaded to an internal website/portal or an LMS and there is no limit to the number of in-house viewers, but it must not be available publicly as either a free or paid product.
  3. The option to obtain a Digital Certificate is only available when a participant takes a micro-course online on this website. It is not included as part of the purchase of any product.
  4. There is no obligation on our part to provide a new edition of a product if it is updated at some time in the future.