RTO Workflow Management

Topics covered include the principles of adult learning, motivation and the adult learner, and the barriers to learning for adults.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion, the learner will be able to:

  • recognise the characteristics of an adult learner
  • use ( or determine)
  • analyse the

Delivery Information
This micro course is available online in English. There are no prerequisites, it is completed at the learner’s own pace and it can commence on any date. The learner must have reliable access to the internet.

Learner Effort
Volume of learning is four hours, consisting of two hours of asynchronous learning to cover online content, reading and audio-visual material and two hours spent offline on assessment.

The learner will be competent when they have successfully completed both online questions and the offline assessment task.

A Notification of Completion will be issued as proof of learning once assessment has been completed successfully.

This is structured learning. It aligns with the professional development requirements for VET trainers and assessors who must ensure the currency of their training and assessment skills.

Quality Assurance
This micro course was designed by an experienced curriculum developer and assessment is marked by qualified educators. Professional references are included so that interested parties can check sources. Course content and results are revisited as part of the quality review schedule.