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Fee: $44 for 3 months of access to the micro course.

Adult learners can be a challenge because they have their own ideas, experience, and priorities. The micro course provides practical knowledge that will help a trainer assessor maximise their ability to work with adult learners.

Topics covered include why adult learners are different, their motivation and barriers, and strategies for encouraging learning. Upon successful completion, the participant will be able to work more effectively with adult learners.

This online self-paced micro course can be commenced at any time. Access is immediate once payment is received, and the participant has 12 weeks to complete the course and submit the Reflection Sheet. It consists of approximately one hour of learning, including offline reflective activity.

This is structured learning. It aligns with the professional development requirements for VET trainers and assessors who must ensure the currency of their training and assessment skills.

Digital Certificate of Completion
Once the participant has completed the online learning and also submitted the Reflection Sheet, then they will be sent a digital certificate as proof of completion. Further details about the digital certificate can be found here.